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Sunday Service

Have a look at what goes on during our Sunday service. Certain months, we have a shared meal after service to socialize with each other.

Adult Students
Image by Patrick Fore

Before Service Time

Sunday School

Starts at 9:30 am

Male and female groups are divided in separate rooms. During this time, we socialize, study the bible and pray together. When service is about to begin, toddlers are sent to the nursery, where they're cared for by members. Parents and/or caregivers can check on them at anytime during service.


*People who care for small children or youth are required to have a criminal background check beforehand. 

Starting Service 

Worship Service Time

Starts at 10:45 am 

We begin by doing announcements regarding current or upcoming events. Next, we sing worship songs. Afterwards, children are sent to children's church at Nixon Hall where they do crafts, sing songs and study the word of God. Older kids are sent to their youth groups. Then, the pastor begins his sermon. 

20240512_110943 2.HEIC
IMG_9711 2.HEIC

Ending Service
Ends around 12 pm

After the pastor is done giving his sermon, he does prayer for people, or he invites people to accept Christ into their lives. The service ends with prayer given by the pastor, or member of the church. People generally socialize with each other after the service is done. 

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